Mission Statement: "Working together to protect life and property while serving our greater community"


   The Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue Fire District is a special District resulting from a merging of Chelan FPD4 and Chelan County FPD9.  The District is currently guided by a five-person Board. The Fire Chief oversees two (2) Administrative Personnel, one (1) Assistant Fire Chief, one (1) Battalion Chief, one (1) Captain, four (4) Lieutenants and approximately 30 Volunteer Firefighters. The District covers an area consisting of rivers, valleys and mountainous terrain and services both full time and part time residents as well as a large contingent of visitors. The District is a multi-risk department, which provides the same level of service as a paid fire department, and responded to approximately 275 calls for emergency services in 2016. 

   Lake Wenatchee Fire & Rescue covers approximately 60 square miles from East Stevens Pass to Chiwaukum and Lake Wenatchee north to White River Road. We also provide services to Plain, Chiwawa Pines, Fish Lake, Ponderosa, and to the top of Beaver Valley Hill. LWFR provides training in Firefighter 1 Skills, Emergency Medical Technician Certification, Wildland Firefighter Red Card, Ice Rescue Training, Avalanche Search and Rescue, Water Rescue, High/Low Angle Rescue, and EVIP.    


Services We Provide:

- Fire Response 

- Emergency Medical Services

- Ambulance Service

- Wildland Firefighting

- Avalanche Search and Rescue

- Water Rescue                                       

- Swift Water Rescue

- Ice Rescue

- High and Low Angle Rescue   


LWFR Emergency Services Call Volume
2018: 12
2017: 281
2016: 275