If your neighborhood is blessed with fire hydrants, its only a blessing if they can be accessed... quickly. Winter is here and snow will soon be piling up and blocking access to hydrants (as attached picture shows). In the event of a house fire, minutes/seconds count. Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue's engines carry 750-1,000 gallons of water on board. When actively fighting fire, our engines can be flowing 250-500 gallons of water per minute. It can take thousands of gallons to extinguish a structure fire. Unless we have access to additional water supply, like the steady supply a hydrant provides,  our on-board supply can be depleted in... well, you can do the math. 

If your home is on fire, do you want firefighters attacking the fire or shoveling snow? A clear, usable hydrant (shown in the attached picture, to the right) clear to the street and 3' back and to the sides, can give us the quick access needed. 

Our number one mission at Lake Wentachee Fire and Rescue is to protect your life and your property. Please help us with that mission. 

Have a safe and peaceful Holiday Season,
Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue