Have you ever seen those blue address signs on the side of the road?




They are incredibly reflective and easy for firefighters and ambulance crews to see any time of day or night. When your emergency is easy to locate, responders arrive sooner. Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue makes these important address signs available to all homeowners in the area. For more details and to order a sign for your property, click the order form at the bottom of the page, print it out, complete it, and send it with a check to:

Lake Wenatchee Fire and Rescue

21696 Lake Wenatchee Highway

Leavenworth, WA 98826


                                                                                     You may also order online by filling out this form:



*Lake Wenatchee area Residents only, signs will be left for pickup at Station 91 during business hours.

 Station 91: 21696 Lake Wenatchee Hwy. Leavenworth, WA 98826

 Business Hours: M-F 8:30-2:15  



Download this file (ReflectiveAddressSign.pdf)ReflectiveAddressSign.pdf[Address Sign Form]85 kB